Inter-Guild Link

William retired the Inter-Guild Link Add-On for World of Warcraft on 20 DEC 2013. Please consider using any of its alternatives. They aren't as feature-rich as Inter-Guild Link, but their authors are actively attempting to copy its features.

What is Inter-Guild Link?

Inter-Guild Link (AKA InterGuildLink, IGL) is a modification for the World of Warcraft video game. It is simultaneously hosted at the following free hosting providers:

Described for players of World of Warcraft at the various host sites:

This AddOn gives Guild Leaders the ability to easily set up guild alliance groups with multiple other Guild Leaders so that the allied guilds can communicate and appear as a single entity seamlessly in the default UI (with some Guild Calendar and full Guild Roster support, including Professions). Once a link is configured, all other guild members running Inter-Guild Link become capable of relaying on behalf of the entire guild over the link (as long as at least one guild member in the allied guild is also running Inter-Guild Link). Each guild pairing is a separately configurable guild link with distinct permissions which allow each Guild Leader to choose for their guild whether to share in addition to their Guild Roster:

For players with Inter-Guild Link installed, all guild-related panels are updated to show all allied guilds as one (like Guild Calendar Events and all pages of the Guild Roster). If you don't want to install Inter-Guild Link, you will still benefit from shared chat and notices as long as at least one logged-in player in each linked guild is running Inter-Guild Link. Ally-of-Ally enables your guild to automatically link with allies of your allies (as long as the sponsoring guild is linked), so that you aren't necessarily required to configure every new ally link.

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