William's Projects

Not shown here are William's major, proprietary projects and those developed for previous employers. After all, we wouldn't want to violate any copyright laws, nondisclosure contracts, or opportunities to monetize particularly novel solutions!

Video Games and Modifications

William is an avid video games collector, despite not playing them often (he actually owns many titles he's never even opened, and he's perfectly okay with that). Every once in a while, he gets inspired (or temporarily obsessed) and recreates one, hacks away at an original title, or authors a modification (AKA mods) for a favorite. Not everything William has created or contributed to is cited below for various reasons, including:

William's works that have so far survived the last pruning of this list include:

Inter-Guild Link
Hosted by CurseForge and written in the Lua programming language, this is an Add-On (mod) for the immensely popular World of Warcraft video game.