We collect video games!

William and Liz -- who shares the same affliction -- have amassed a vast collection of video game consoles and software. From the classics to the modern marvels, they keep every one of these gaming machines hooked up to at least one television, charged or loaded with batteries, and ready to play at any time:

Why so many video game systems? Because some of the very best games of all time were exclusives to one console of another and when you think about it, we play games for the enjoyment that the games bring, not because of the hardware they run on. Let's face it: some games run better, look better, feel better, or are better supported on one platform than all others to which the game was ported. So, to truly get the very best enjoyment that a game can offer, it's just good policy to have every console out there instead of bickering over which system is subjectively better than the rest!

As for the games, William's most favorite titles or franchises include:


With so many thousands of dollars tied up in several hundred video games and game systems, it is perhaps ironic that he doesn't actually spend more than a few hours -- at most -- playing video games each week. As it turns out, video games to William are a social event, not a solo activity. He really gets down and plays games only when he's with friends or family and it’s what everyone wants to do. To this end, William has even been known to throw a video gaming party (AKA: a LAN or a BYOC [Bring Your Own Controller] Party]) every once in a while. With so many consoles hooked up in his house, these parties are always a riotous good time!